YARENH Damascus Kitchen Knife

Why Are Damascus Kitchen Knives So Expensive? What Kind Of Materials And Processes It Uses.

Many people in life are inseparable from the use of knives. Our ancestors learned to hunt with stone tools millions of years ago, and polished them with stones to make their water chestnuts distinct. When used, they are sharper. When they are hunting, they can get better. Many prey are using sharp stones to plan and process food. It can be seen how important a set of tools is. With the development of time, the craftsmanship has become more and more mature. The knife, this tool, is more of a siege. Which country’s knives are sharper and can easily cut through the enemy’s defenses, so that the cavalry can fight without disadvantage. In today's society, we have made more kitchen knives.

Damascus Kitchen Knife

Kitchen knives made of pig iron in the past were not easy to maintain and rust. They were used to chop bones. They were easy to cut a lot of gaps. They were extremely difficult to polish. Traditional knife sharpening methods required immersion in water, which was not only laborious.The hands are also prone to pain and discomfort.

Traditional sharpening

With the improvement of living standards, iron kitchen knives are becoming less and less suitable for people's quality of life, and kitchen knives made of steel become more and more popular. Kitchen knives made of ordinary steel, due to insufficient hardness, easy to open the edge, and pull the mouth, resulting in the overall life of the knife is not long, so how can I buy a good knife?

Today I recommend it: YARENH Damascus Kitchen Knife, which is a brand that focuses on making kitchen knives. The craftsmanship is entirely made of Damascus steel with the world's three famous blades. Imported Japanese steel and German steel are used. (VG-10) Steel VG-10 is a steel developed in Japan for cutting tools. It contains 1.1% carbon and is added with vanadium, thus increasing the wear resistance. The hardness of the blade is 60±2 HRC, which is widely used in the production of advanced cutting tools. A set of real Damascus kitchen knives, durable, classic design, exquisite and beautiful, the knife surface is finely processed, strong corrosion resistance, and full of toughness.

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